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Our Step-by-Step Process for

Custom Curated Interior Design Concepts

Transform ordinary rooms into dream spaces! We will help our clients create aesthetically pleasing and functional spaces that fit within the client’s budget and timeframe. We work 1:1 with the client to style a dedicated space within your home.



Discovery meeting with TI and the client

Begin the journey with an in-depth discovery meeting where we understand your needs, preferences, and vision. This initial discussion lays the foundation for a personalized and tailored design experience.


Onsite vision meeting with local clients

For our local clients, we arrange an onsite vision meeting to immerse ourselves in the space. This hands-on approach allows us to better comprehend the nuances of your home and further refine the design direction.


Deliver curated vision board

Following the onsite meeting, we present you with a carefully curated vision board. This visual representation captures the essence of our design concepts, providing you with a tangible preview of the transformed space.


Share custom product list with shoppable links

Transparency is key. We share a custom product list containing all the elements selected for your project, complete with shoppable links. This allows you to explore and purchase items at your convenience, making the design process seamless.


Final staging onsite or virtual

The culmination of our efforts involves the final staging of your space. Whether it's an onsite visit for our local clients or a virtual walkthrough for those at a distance, we ensure that every detail aligns with the curated vision. This step brings the design to life, creating a harmonious and captivating environment within your home.


At The Tailored Interior, each step is crafted with precision and dedication to ensure your design experience is smooth, collaborative, and tailored to your unique style.

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