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About Us

Kim and Danielle
Living Room Design


Welcome to The Tailored Interior, where passion meets design, and dreams become reality. We're Kim Bond and Danielle Unsworth, the proud owners of this venture, and we're truly grateful to have you here on our creative journey.


Our story began with a shared love for interior design and the joy of bringing our visions to life within the walls of our own homes. This shared passion ignited a spark that led us to establish The Tailored Interior—a platform where we can extend our design expertise to transform not just our spaces but yours too. As mothers of little ones, we understand the significance of functionality while yearning for the aesthetics of a stunning, lived-in home.


For us, this venture is more than just a business; it's a dream fulfilled by two lifelong best friends. Embarking on this venture has been a dream come true for us, lifelong best friends united by a common goal. We are excited to join forces with you, collaborating to cultivate a space that resonates with your individual style and brings genuine joy to your everyday life. At The Tailored Interior, we are not just creating interiors; we are crafting environments that you will truly love and cherish.

Let's Work Together

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